Inviting Users (Teams)
  • 14 Jun 2024
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Inviting Users (Teams)

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Forming a Team

A team is formed by inviting users to join your workspace.

Users that have been added to a team can add expenses, export reports, and more. You can change their role to manage what they can see.

Inviting a User

There are multiple ways to invite a user to your workspace. They will see "Invite Accepted" if they successfully join your workspace. If they don't, please have them wait when "working..." appears in their browser.

Invite User Screenshot.png

To invite a user by email

  1. Tap the "Dashboard" tab
  2. Tap "Manage Users"
  3. Tap "Invite New User"
  4. Enter your member's email
  5. Tap "Send Invite"

An invitation will be sent to that email, where they can create an account and join your workspace.

To invite users by sharing an invite link

  1. Tap the "Dashboard" tab
  2. Tap "Manage Users"
  3. Tap "Share Invite Link"
  4. Tap "Share"
  5. Tap "Copy"
  6. Send them the copied link

Once they open the invite link, they can log in to an existing account or create a new one. Then they will verify their email, tap "refresh", and then tap "Join" to join your workspace.

To remove a user

  1. Tap "Manage and Invite Users"
  2. Tap the user
  3. Tap "Disable User"

Disabling a user will remove them from your workspace. This will not remove the data they have added to your workspace.

For members using "Sign in with Apple"

For iOS members, please instruct them to tap "Sign In" (not "Get Started") and select "Share My Email" when signing in with Apple.

If they accidentally selected "Hide My Email", please have them tap "Help" on the top right of the paywall and message customer support.

To disable "Hide My Email"

  1. Open the "Settings" app on the device
  2. Tap the Apple profile
  3. Tap "Sign-In and Security"
  4. Tap "Sign in with Apple"
  5. Tap "Easy Expense"
  6. Tap "Stop Using Apple ID"
  7. Tap "Stop Using"

When signing in with Apple again, select "Share my Email".

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