Email Receipt Forwarding
  • 20 Dec 2023
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Email Receipt Forwarding

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How Email Receipt Forwarding Works

Using the email linked to your Easy Expense account, send or forward emails to:

To check the email linked to your Easy Expense account, tap the gear icon (top left) ➜ tap "Account". Your email will be under your account name.

Emailed receipts are uploaded to your "Transactions Review" after it finishes processing. You'll receive a success or fail email in response. Once you assign the expenses, go to the "Transactions" tab to finish editing the expense.

Emailing multiple PDF files through a single email will create a single expense with all the attached PDFs.

We currently support emails with:

  • PDF file(s)
  • Text and images inside the email (not attached as a file)

Forwarding PDF receipts

To upload PDFs via email

Email Receipt Forwarding 1.png

  1. Forward an email or email your PDF file(s) to (must be from your Easy Expense email). The subject line will be the vendor name.

Email Receipt Forwarding 2.png

  1. Tap the "Transactions Review" section (via the "Transactions" or "Summary" tab).

Email Receipt Forwarding 3.png

  1. In the app, tap the transaction and tap the vendor/category to change if you want to change it
  2. Assign it to a workspace

  1. Return to the "Transactions" tab
  2. Tap the expense
  3. Tap "Edit" (bottom-right)

Email Receipt Forwarding 4.png

  1. Enter in the rest of the details. Tap any of the green fields in the photo above to quickly edit them.
  2. Press "Done"

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