Currency Conversion
  • 19 Jun 2024
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Currency Conversion

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To convert a currency to your workspace currency

If you're traveling internationally, you'll likely be using multiple currencies. With currency conversion, you can convert different currencies to your workspace currency at the current market rate.

In the following images, I will be converting 100 Euros to USD (my workspace currency).

  1. When editing or creating an expense, tap the total amount


  1. Set the total to the amount you want to convert
    1. Since I am converting 100 Euros to USD, I set the total to 100.00


  1. Tap the currency flag above the total amount


  1. Select the currency that you want to convert from
    1. Since I want to convert Euros to my workspace currency, I select "Euro"


  1. Tap "Save" when you are ready to convert the selected currency to your workspace currency
    1. In the photo above, tapping "Save" will change the total to $106.71 USD as 100 Euros converts to 106.71 USD

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